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How it works?

We will pick at least one pick weekly and add it to our real portfolio with a value of about $7,000 each. We are currently high in cash as we believe, on tough economy ahead. We are targeting more than 50 picks within a year. Our picks will be of a selection that we expect it can double within a 3 year margin and trying to beat major indices.

As our site started, all these picks and analysis is provided to you FREE, compared to other sites asking for 100s and 1000s of dollars. We made it simple, no a lot of daily or weekly recommendations that you get lost with. No huge list or Ranked#1 with majority doing bad. No 10s of daily news losing your time and focus. We believe on your valuable time. We will spend the time on analysis and just make it simple to you. We give you what is the best pick now with minimum news to read, just to the point.

We started the portfolio on 5th April 2023. We will measure the growth of our portfolio against the indices from that date. Full transparency, no claim of performance without showing how this claimed performance is doing each day clearly. It will be a fair game between our portfolio and the indices. Either indices go now a lot above and beat our keep-cash strategy or go down or stable and we beat it with our selection and gradual-in strategy. We have the flexibility of change and selection and indices has the luxury of having good-known performance list.

Current Performance

We started at S&P 4,094, Nasdaq 12,073, Dow 33,444 and below the performance of the picks directly from the selected brokerage account for the portfolio. Below after one week from Pick#1 and trading Pick#2. Portfolio performance in light blue, still around other indices, beaten only by DJIA.

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