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Trading in stock markets has both gains and loss risks. We know traders who lost all their money in stock market. Knowledge and Strategies are required to gain from stock markets, read our golden rules. But, if you don’t have the knowledge yet, we can support you after reading our golden rules. Frequently, we will give our analyzed picks with lower risk and higher gain probability. All this will be totally FREE as our starting site offer.

Not only that, as part of our full transparency, we ourselves will build a real portfolio of our recommendations, measuring our performance against major indexes. There are many recommendations’ sites claiming beating indexes. None show how this calculations done !! None is verified by any party !! We can say we beaten the X index by 1000%, will you believe ?!
Some of the buy recommendations of another site shown below ! That indicates the risk in stock market as well as various stand of accepting relative risk between recommendation sites like buying when stock is raising too much.

So, our stand is we will pick on average one pick weekly and add it to our real portfolio with a value of about $7,000 for each pick. We are currently high in cash as we believe, on tough economy on the current time and waiting real golden market opportunities. We are targeting more than 50 picks within a year. Our picks will be of a selection that we expect it can double within a 3 year margin and trying to beat major indexes that give above 9% annualized.

As our site started, all these picks and our analysis is provided to you FREE, compared to other sites asking for 100s and 1000s of dollars. We made it simple, no a lot of recommendations that you get lost with. No huge list or Ranked#1 with majority doing bad. No 10s of daily news losing your time. We believe on valuable time, just make it simple, what is the best pick now with minimum news to read, just to the point.

At the end, understand the risk involved, follow the strategies and wish you safe trading. We will support you. Check our up-to-date analyzed picks.

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