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July 2023 performance, exceed expectations

Here we will be measuring our portfolio monthly performance for July 2023 and our expectations for next month August 2023. In July, the performance was the best from starting our portfolio in April 2023. We started in negative position and in worst position comparing to other major indexes. Measuring only July, our portfolio performance exceeded all indexes performance and it was even more stable compared to any other index. But, because our negative position, the overall performance from April 2023 still below majority. Below summarize the performance from 1st July to 31 July comparing the performance from starting our portfolio at April 2023.

Index1st July (%)31st July (%)Difference
Our Portfolio-1+9+10
Russell 2000+5+11+6
S&P 500+8+11.5+2.5

From above, we can see how the combinations of our portfolio was of high performance comparing to any other. Also, we can notice that DJIA, S&P & Nasdaq has similar performance for July of around 3 to 4.5 % increase. That prove that if any did excellent performance one month, that doesn’t mean it will repeat for all months. Nasdaq was the best for June 2023, but not for July. The same was for Russell 2000 which was bad for June, but very good in July. So, it will be really challenging for our portfolio to continue such performance in August. We will try to add more combinations that will provide a solid performance in August. Below is graph representing above table for our portfolio performance in blue compared to others. Our primary target for August to maintain ahead of DJIA and keep targeting S&P 500.

Below is our current combinations of our portfolio.

1STG “Sunlands Technology Group”31
2BABA “Ali Baba Group”21
3AAP “Advanced Auto Parts”13
4AFLYY “Air France KLM”11.5
5MQ “Marqeta”7
6DNFGY “Dong Feng Automobile”6
7SMTSF “Sierra Metals”5.5
8CALM “Cal Maine Foods”5

We feel we have the protentional to continue solid performance in Aug because most of our stocks completed long down trend and stabilized and starting up trend. Same as we highlighted below, index performing highly in a month doesn’t mean it will continue. So, stocks doing long down, doesn’t mean it will continue down. Examples of our stocks historical trends as below.

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